Help organization adopt renewable energy to achieve carbon neutral, sustain business & enhance land use

The Energy Problems

Rise in Temperature

Surging Electricity Bill

Decline in Business

With global warming causing rapid increase in global temperature and surging electricity fee by 25-40% year-to-year, we think that it is time to achieve carbon neutral in Hong Kong in a bid to combat the issues, Meanwhile,  local sunset businesses have been forcing to cease operation at unprecedented speed in recent years, not to mention this trend may become worse with the upcoming bills hike. 

If your organization is considering installing solar system to generate additional income, we have the solution for you, especially if you are running a farming business or farmland owner.

Our Focus

Agrivoltaics (Solar Electricity and Crops Simultaneously)

Words to Farmland Owner

 Stop !!!

If you are planning to sacrifice your farmland to install solar energy system, please stop and consider our solution. We have figured out an ideal way to solve your problems at once with our expertise in the renewable sector - Agrivoltacis. Our solution could enable simultaneous use of the land for both photovoltaic power generation and agricultural purposes while the environment could be preserved through the generation of green energy.

Our Solution

Solar panel placed right on top of crops with optimal spacing to allow optimal sunlight.

Won't affect crop yield?

Research has shown that not only the optimal spacing for the system will not impair the crops growth, the optimal temperature and humidity level provided can actually increase crops yield. 


Excessive sunlight (i.e. Photosynthesis rate) has no further growth impact on crops beyond its light saturation point.

What is Better?

Crops grown under agrivoltaics look greener and therefore more attractive to customers

Other Benefits

Green Energy

Increase crop yield

Reduced Water Consumption

Dual Land Use

Why US?


Custom Spacing Solar Panel (Agrisolar layer)

Green Finance

On/Off Grid Option

Our Background...

Our founding members comprised of material engineering and electrical engineering postgraduates where they dedicated themselves in renewable energy sectors for many years.

Our advisory board comprised of a group of mixed talents included licensed electrical workers and professional from State Grid of China.

We Partner With...

HKFYG as we are selected as the Winner of  Inno Impact Competition 2022 organised by HKFYG